FROM: Cheryl Penn - South Africa

cleverly wrapped in a pocket made of a painted canvas from The Authentic Massacre of the Innocents
Image series (cut-ups of Cheryl's paintings), the Mail Art Makes The World A Town edition 16 is here.
with a great selection of international artists works. amazing works. including a fab collaboration between Cheryl and David stone.
sad there are only 4 more editions to go before this wonderful zine reaches its final number, 20!  :-(
Thank you very much Cheryl!

FROM:  Tiziana Baracchi - Italy

interesting extra Mail Art documentation for the Zine in a Box project. events, performances and
visual poetry, among which The Tree of Poetry and Itinerary 80,  hosted by the Ambasciata di Venezia to celebrate mail art.
Many thanks Tiziana!



FROM:  Marco Bruno - Italy

a striking vispo set, variations on a topic, for the Zine in a Box project.
Many thanks Marco!

FROM:  Ko De Jonge - Netherlands

Modigliani was here, Ptrzia(tictac)

Ko invited me to collaborate with him in his project pARTsfromheaven.
in 2016 Ko realised for an art exhibit, an installation titled ATLAS 
that consisted of many cut-ups of works made in the 70's, featured on the magazine cover and back.
and i received one of these cut-ups to use in a piece to make and send back to him.
Ballustrada published the contribution/collaboration.collaboration with Ko De Jonge.

Thank you very much Ko!

FROM:  Helmut King - Austria

very colourful awesome sending starting from the big box...original set of perforated stamps and
rubberstamp icon on paper plates, for the sPMATSzine and the Zine in a Box projects, respectively.
and postcards with the incredible grafphic art of Helmut.
Thank you very much Helmut!

FROM: Franco Spena - Italy

a cool visual poetry set with handwritten letters floating in the background for the Zine in a Box project.
Many thanks Franco!

FROM:  R.F. Côté - Canada

another great issue of Circulaire 132, edition 176. great works, great stamps!
Thank you very much Reg!

FROM:  Miguel Jimenez, El Taller de Zenon - Spain

fab stamp sheet and folded booklet with an interesting collection of heart drawings in an envelope
decorated with barcodes!
Many thanks Miguel!

FROM: Katerina Nikoltsou - Greece

a vibrant original set of painted acrylic papers and collage with a matching postcard,  for the Zine in a Box project.
Many thanks Katerina!


FROM: Petru Viljoen - South Africa

very interesting intricate leporello for the Artists Book Collaboration 18 project, Beginings and Endings.
Many thanks Petru!

FROM:  Nancy Bell Scott - USA

Time Won't Tell

what a treat such an unexpected and fabulous surprise! Time Won't Tell..is an abstract work of collage,
 paint, ink and mixed papers that speaks wonders of the magic Nancy can make with her captivating and poetic style! love it!
Thank you very much Nancy!

FROM: Tiziana Baracchi - Italy

beautiful book/documentation for DiVino Celeste exhibition, run in parallel to the Biennale of Venice,
and held at the Garage N.3 Gallery of  Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio
with an event that brought various performances and artists together.
from an idea of Piero Barducci to create a blue wine and invite many international artists
to design the etiquette, some of which can be seen above.
Thank you very much Tiziana!

links for pictures of the event: