FROM:  Tiziana Baracchi - Italy

an all italian artists for the first edition of AperiodiKa, a new assembly book, beautifully presented
and curated by Tiziana Baracchi and Giancarlo Da Lio from the Ambasciata di Venezia.
and containing awesome works  from many italian artists, some of the many contributions i show above.
there are few zines in this moment and welcoming a new rising one with this quality of works and
presentation is a pleasure.
Many thanks Tiziana and Giancarlo!


FROM:  Christian Alle - France

Nada Zero in another of its great editions, Winter 20017/20018, full of news and art.
Many thanks Christian!

FROM:  Helmut King - Austria

another fab contribution for the Zine in a Box from Helmut, this time involving Arthur Brown,
portrayed here during a visit to Helmut's atelier, and his world famous hit Fire from the sixties, reason of the burnt edge with match. plus stamps and his Zappanale illustrations i love!
thank you very much Helmut!


TO:  David Dellafiora - Australia 

 photo IMG_1379_zpsqvg0bjvh.jpg

to Field Report  2017

FROM :  Vittore Baroni - Italy



GPS, Global Participation System, was the subject of this 14th edition of BAU,
a contemporary art container that for this edition had a round shape.
a superb round container with works of 35cm of diameter, from 70 authors in a limited edition
of 180 copies. it includes also a book with the editorial contributions from various authors.
amongst the curators is Vittore who also sent me some cool extra material.
Thank you very much Vittore!

FROM:  Steve Howell - USA

a nice postcard with an anecdote and old post stamps on from the Cayucos' Sea Glass Festival in California. love the way they call sea glass, mermaids tears!
Steve is an avid postcards collector, as you can read in this link
Many thanks Steve!


FROM:  David Dellafiora - Australia

a cool folded work, a new contribution for the Zine in a Box.
Many thanks David!

FROM: Samuel Montalvetti - Argentina

great perforated stamps of various topics, and rubber-stamps in this generous sending 
from Samuel!
Many thanks!

FROM:  Svenja Wahl - Germany

fine leporello with vintage flower illustrations stitched on for Collaboration 19 on Nature.
Many thanks Svenja!

FROM : Zdenek Sima - Czech Republik

a Breakthrough full of interesting works, some shown above, and extra goodies 
and many mail art call invitations in an envelope fully decorated with beautiful stamps
and rubber-stamps.
Many Thanks Zdenek!